Genious electronic solutions within the reach of every company!

Always stay one step ahead of your competitors with our products. Sinai has been designing and developing custom electronics since 2004 with innovative cloud integrations and the smartest software to deliver best-in-class products and services.

SINAI electronic board PA-MB5-2

Software XU

We design software dedicated to you. We listen to your requirements and turn them into the best experience.

HFS System

Hardware. Firmware. Software.
All from a single interlocutor.

MIO Electronics

You choose the shape and we do the rest.
With the most powerful technology.


Software Solutions & Services

We design advanced software for industrial machines of all shapes and types. We build reliable applications that meet exacting specifications. Our software will help you exploit the full potential of our boards, guaranteeing maximum immediacy and ease of use.
We produce smart applications to fulfill your every request, we study every detail with you in order to create the ideal tailor-made solution.
We are experts in Windows, IoT, Embedded, Pocket-PC, Microcontrollers, PLC and CN development.
We love news and we believe in innovation to provide increasingly valuable services, to make our customers grow with us.

IoT services and secure Cloud

Enable new opportunities for your business through continuously updated data, artificial intelligence and analytics solutions. Sinai allows you to connect, monitor and control millions of devices your way, integrating with your systems today, easily, reliably and with the highest level of security and regulatory compliance of today and tomorrow.


Electronic Design

Sinai deals with the design and production of dedicated electronic boards; realizes the firmware on board and the configuration and test software. Sinai finds the most suitable solutions for the realization of technologically advanced, reliable and economically viable products

Measuring arms

Modular electronic systems for reading encoders.

Black box for machinery

Preventive and predictive maintenance and analysis of the causes of failure.

IoT Hardware

Data collection and one-way or two-way communication with the cloud.


Our approach to design and development

Land microcontroller PCBs that we design and manufacture to measure are in most cases developed to meet specific customer needs. They are therefore highly optimized and compact in design. The firmware is developed internally to ensure perfect integration and optimization with all hardware resources. The cards that communicate with external systems such as local or cloud computers provide protocols, libraries, test applications and any examples of ready-to-use code. Our expertise also in high-level software development allows us to provide complete solutions or, alternatively, to provide all the necessary advice for the integration of our electronic boards on third-party machines and systems.

Turnkey customized solutions

In order to offer a complete product, Sinai designs the firmware on board its electronic boards internally.

360° support

Sinai grows with its partners by providing them with technology, innovative solutions and after-sales assistance. We provide assistance for mechanical integration, placement inside the machine and electrical interfacing.