Mission & philosophy

Our approach is to collaborate and help the customer in every phase of his project, from the product idea to the final realization.

In fact, Sinai was able in a short time to satisfy numerous customers with different needs and in various sectors of activity.


Our Services and Solutions

Sinai offers customized solutions by designing dedicated electronic boards if the market does not already offer electronic systems that perform the required tasks or in cases where the customer wishes to obtain better performance than what the market offers.


Sinai grows with its partners by providing them with technology, innovative solutions and after-sales assistance. We also provide assistance for IT, electronic and mechanical integration, placement inside industrial machines and electrical interfacing.


In order to always offer complete products, Sinai is also able to design the firmware that governs its electronic boards.
Constant contact with the customer is always maintained at all stages to periodically check the progress of each activity.


Today Sinai can boast the presence of its products all over the world thanks to the collaboration with its customers who recognize their quality, performance and durability. This would not be possible without a relationship of trust. A lasting bond that binds us to our customers.


How It Works

Sinai offers its customers an exclusive treatment in order to ensure them greater innovation and reliability than their direct competitors.

This factor is very important, it is our added value and guarantees Sinai a return in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Matteo Lovato

Matteo Lovato

I developed various products in collaboration with Sinai who helped and followed me during all phases of the project and, most importantly, is still doing so now. Thanks to Sinai I have created projects that satisfy me and my clients.

Claudio Castagnetti

Sinai has always solved every problem, mine and of my customers. Punctually developed every project and solution required (even extremely complex and innovative) respecting time and budget. Always friendly and professional, in SINAI I found a reliable, fast and helpful partner.