The ad hoc industrial software we develop is the result of specific requirements. It requires a careful analysis phase for all functional specifications. Only in this way can we obtain excellent solutions and highly optimized hardware integrations. In all these phases, constant contact is maintained with the customer to periodically check the progress of the work (Project Review Meeting).

Over the years we have developed software for PC, Pocket, Tablet, Smartphone, IoT and Cloud, Microcontrollers, PLC and CN.

The news does not scare us at all, on the contrary, we often accept the expense of the initial study to grow professionally and give more value to our customers’ projects!

Management of Measurement Instruments

Sinai develops and supports industrial applications for the measurement of mechanical and automotive parts, for the inspection of car and motorcycle bodywork and for pipe measuring machines.

Interfacing and integration

We develop modules that allow the compatibility of industrial machines with software already in use by end customers. This enables the manufacturer to access an otherwise precluded market segment.


Data acquisition, mathematical model processing and identification of the optimal set of parameters. Our software allows you to calibrate measuring systems from articulated arms to machine tools.

3D design

Sinai has developed and integrated 3D design and visualization software to import and process 3D objects in formats such as STEP, IGS and DWG up to the export of two-dimensional 3D representations.

Machine tools

We develop ad hoc machine tool management software around the customer’s needs, intuitive, optimized and with low costs for PC, Numerical Controls, PLC, IoT, Cloud.


We produce intelligent, fast and safe testing systems. With our cards, we provide the tools to allow immediate diagnosis and allow customers to be autonomous and timely in assessing a malfunction.


We serve a wide variety of companies and industries

Thanks to the collaboration with our customers and partners, we have developed real “platforms” by designing and integrating various technologies and bringing applications to an innovative level for the sector.

Industrial metrology

Measurement tools