Design and production of programmable and customized electronic boards for industrial automation. Highly optimized firmware.

The microcontroller PCB electronic boards that we design and manufacture to measure are in most cases developed to meet specific customer needs. They are therefore highly optimized and compact in design. The firmware is developed internally to ensure perfect integration and optimization with all hardware resources. The cards that communicate with external systems such as local or cloud computers provide protocols, libraries, test applications and any examples of ready-to-use code. Our expertise also in high-level software development allows us to provide complete solutions or, alternatively, to provide all the necessary advice for the integration of our electronic boards on third-party machines and systems.

Sine Wave Cards

Sinai sine wave encoder reading cards meet the most stringent market demands, at the highest levels of resolution, repeatability and reliability.

Headlight Beam Testers

Sinai has developed an electronics consisting of a group of photodiodes and a firmware capable of calculating the position of the light beam in a continuous high-precision manner.

Square Wave Cards

The use of commercial square wave encoders and Sinai electronic boards has allowed our customers to obtain reliable and precise measurement systems.

Painting systems

Our CFV1 cards are made specifically for the control of spray booths. We offer a complete set of accessories for the integration of our control system into any spray booth.

Smart locks

Security system to limit access to a resource protected by a motorized lock with rechargeable Li-Ion battery, Bluetooth, RFID and Android Mobile App.

Illuminators and Artificial Stars

Sinai, in collaboration with important companies in the astronomy sector, manufactures a line of market-leading telescope and camera calibration equipment for astrophotography.


We serve a wide range of companies and industries

Thanks to the collaboration with our customers and partners, we have developed real “platforms” by designing and integrating various technologies and bringing applications to an innovative level for the sector.

Industrial metrology

Measurement tools